2023, New Music, and a Blessing

It’s a new year! It’s an exciting year so far for me because I’ve RELEASED SOME MUSIC!!! Huzzah, hooray, O frabjous day!

So far it’s just two songs: Dandelion, and Ice Cream. Originally I was going to make Ice Cream the lead song of the single. I even asked for a sign at one point about releasing my music, and I turned on the radio that day and they were doing a whole half hour segment on songs about ice cream. But I realised at some point that it should be Dandelion. If you listen to it, I hope you enjoy it. ☺️

I mentioned Stutz in the last post. Since then I’ve bought a book of his called “The Tools”, co-written with Barry Michels. It’s fantastic! I’ve been using the tools already, regularly. If you are interested, I highly recommend checking it out.

One thing that Al and I have both inexplicably become interested in recently is Tarot. I used to do a lot of Tarot reading when I was a nipper. Then at some point I stopped doing it. I think I was too immature at that point in my life to have any sense of agency, so I would rely almost completely on messages from the Tarot, or from flipped coins, or whatever. I also believed that very negative, scary things could come through.
I don’t believe that anymore. If I have any belief about Tarot, it’s that it’s a useful messaging system between us and “The Other Side” as Laura Lynne Jackson likes to call it. Whether we are communing with spirits, the universe, or our unconscious selves, I don’t know. But I do know that I very much enjoy getting messages through Tarot. My favourite card right now is probably… The Fool. And The World. The two ends of the journey. Nothingness and somethingness. I also just love the symbolism and the art on the cards. They are so beautiful. Actually I just remembered my favourite card in general: The Ace of Cups. It’s such a beautiful card! I love it.

So, welcome 2023. I hope this is a good year for you. Let’s see. I think some kind of blessing is in order.

This year,
May you see a whole heap of stars on a clear night,
May you howl (outwardly or inwardly) with delight,
If you plant any plants this year, may they bloom mightily,
May you always have warm feet,
May the ones you love cook for you,
If you cook any tricky dishes, may they turn out even better than expected,
May you go for good walks,
Meet lots of friendly cats and dogs and other animals, maybe even cows,
If you create anything, may it be birthed easily and shine brightly,
And if its birth is difficult, may it be worth the struggle,
May you see many rainbows,
Hear many beautiful songs,
Feel much soft fur,
And cry many wonderful tears.