Why is it that the things that you should do are the hardest to do? And why are the gosh-darn things you least need to do the most tempting and the easiest? It just doesn’t make sense. I heard a phrase once - “God is fast, but the devil is faster”. Couldn’t God have sped up? Maybe it’s evolution’s problem. Why haven’t we humans evolved a sense of usefulness and uselessness? Instead we have evolved an overinflated sense of pleasure and comfort, so that if anything beneficial to us is uncomfortable, it’s near impossible to actually do. That’s a setup.
I spoke to someone today who was from Chicago. When I told her we were moving to Minnesota, she said “Awesome! Have you spent a winter there? Good luck.” I appreciate a challenge, though. Portland is very comfortable; mild(ish) weather, great food, pretty nature on your doorstep, lots of decently paying jobs etc, etc. Comfortable is great, especially for healing, but comfortable doesn’t really get you moving. The next thing she said after “good luck” was, “You’ll write some great music, though”. I’ll take that trade any day.
Speaking of music! I’m close (so close) to having a single ready to release from the New Batch Of Songs. I’ve decided to go with singles for a little while. Maybe release a few! Who knows! Since I have quite a lot of songs recorded, but more to record, and then when they’re all done, I’ll release them all on a whopping great album.