Don’t Do The Thing You Hate

I don’t know if you’ve been on the internet lately, but it’s the bloody wild west out there. I go on to try and get some internetting done, and end up watching people having a cartoon drawing contest, or reading an emotionally charged post from someone I haven’t spoken to in years, or just staring at the home page of a website. I suppose you could say, internetting complete.

It’s a sunny, slightly cool day. It’s my favourite kind of weather.
It’s taken me longer than I thought it would to get recording and releasing some new music. But recently I’m taking a new tack with it. My modus operandi at the moment is “don’t do the thing you hate”. This is some simple advice to myself which amounts to: if you don’t like something/always complain about other people doing something/cringe or groan whenever you hear or see something, then don’t do it yourself. This is particularly applicable to creativity, where you can really make whatever you want. A lot of the time you end up making something that maybe you heard/saw somewhere else, or that you think sounds cool, or seems like something impressive. But those all tend to ring hollow in a creation. If you can make anything you want, why not make the thing you really like! It’s harder than you think.
Nonetheless, this is leading me to some new, fertile creative ground. It’s the same feeling I had when I made my EP “Moonlight”. I had spent so long writing indie/sad/band music, which I personally didn’t enjoy listening to anymore. So I decided to just make an EP of some guitar pieces and 30’s/40’s inspired songs. The feeling obviously didn’t stick, because here I am having to rediscover it all over again. But I get it now! And I still like that EP. This next phase might sound a little different, but whatever it is, I can tell you it’s going to be something that I enjoy listening to, if it’s the last thing I do.