Donuts & Eckhart

Today is a Tuesday. I normally write on a Saturday or Sunday, but situations have not allowed for that to happen recently. So, here I am on a Tuesday evening.

I made up an Eckhart Tolle-based joke today. It requires an impersonation of him talking, so imagine that if you can.

Eckhart Tolle walks up to a man who is muttering under his breath and says, “er, excuse me, are you aware that talking to oneself is the first sign of insanity?”
    “That’s not true” says the man, “everyone talks to themselves.”
    “Heh,” Eckhart chuckles, “then what does that tell us about everyone?”

It didn’t land like I was expecting it to with Al.

It’s been pretty sunny the last few days. Some of the blossoms are already venturing out of their cocoons. Al and I, intending to find somewhere to sit in the sun, decided to go and get a vegan donut at a place called Doe. I probably hadn’t tasted a real donut in over a decade. Lemmetellya, it was salted vanilla bean, and it was scrumptious.
Al and I have been attending a number of estate sales recently. We were both equally surprised to discover that the other person liked them as much as they do. My greatest find recently was in the house of a recently deceased 90 something year old man. He had a combination television set and record player from at the very latest 1965 in his basement. My treasure was a pair of mint Nikon binoculars from the ‘70s. The lens cleaning cloth was unopened in its plastic wrap still, and there was a research survey, unfilled, to send back to Nikon informing them of what sort of lifestyle you lead.

A couple of nights ago the stars were clear, and the air was tolerably warm. I brought out my new binoculars and was able to see the Orion Nebula, the Pleiades cluster, and the Andromeda galaxy. It gives me no small amount of joy, staring at these distant places. It’s the same feeling I get from being totally present and feeling my beingness beyond thoughts. Some part of you realises that this is there all the time, even in the day when you can’t see it because of the sun. It is always there, the truth.