End of Hibernation, Empress of Forever

Welp… Out I come. It’s 95 degrees already and summer is most definitely at the batting… square. Mound? Pitch? The hitting area. Summer is definitely up to bat. At bat. Baseball.

What interesting things have occurred recently… I’ve read a lot of books. One I particularly enjoyed was “Empress of Forever” by Max Gladstone. I picked up this gem at the library on a kind of “eh the cover looks cool and the random page I opened was nice” sort of vibe. But then I delved into it and it was great! Firstly I’ve never read a book, let alone a science fiction thriller, in which basically every character - heroines, companions, lovers, politicians, and villains - are all female. And what a treat that was! Secondly I’ve also never read a book, and especially not a science fiction book, where the protagonist’s obstacles are overcome almost entirely by the power of friendship and understanding! Thoroughly enjoyed.
One thing we have done recently is to give my music space a makeover. In an attempt to take control of my own life, I had made a point of choosing the paint colour for it initially. Hmm, I want a colour like golden light, I thought. I chose a yellowy cream colour called, inspirationally, Full Moon. Well, it was more like… vegan butter. So I chose a more creamy, less yellow colour called Morning Sun (like golden light!!). I had been living with this choice for about 6 months when a conversation was had about it. It became apparent that what I had done was brought England to America once again in the form of a wall colour. If you know English houses, you know what I mean! Cream is a popular choice. In fact, my bedroom had been almost this exact shade of cream when I was a teenager, and possibly my whole life. So I had regressed to a teenage mental state and tried to recreate the last wall colour I had stared at for hours while playing my guitar. 
Ultimately, we changed the colour to one that is both blue and green at the same time. We moved some things around. Got a couch, which I am sitting on right now, and it’s a really lovely space. One that I’m sure I will spend many, many hours in staring at the walls and playing my guitar.