It’s Fall! It’s Autumn! Leaves are falling! Trees are Autumning! We went to a corn “maize” today. Now I’ve got the bug, and have signed myself up to visit a Haunted Corn Maze. This may have been a mistake.

When the weather turns rainy like this, I get reminded of England. Dear old England that still exists out there. It’s strange to think that places you once were still exist, and always have existed. You see them for a window, but they were there the whole time.

Sometimes I think about if I had a super-power, what would it be? My logic-train takes a journey that looks something like this:
Flying would be amazing. But what if I could shapeshift, then I could turn into a bird and fly more naturally, and be other cool things too. (Mantis shrimp.) If I had telekinesis then I could move myself around like flying, and also control other things too like a Jedi. However, if I had teleportation, I could get anywhere! NASA could build me a space suit and give me some building materials and I could teleport to Mars and built a geodome. (No one said teleportation has a range limit.) I could get back to England in no time, and return the same day. I could be an agent and bug into a secret research facility then bug out with the intel. Super strength sounds dangerous. Super speed unnecessary.
Then I remember the one I always come back to – if I had the power to heal people, that would be the best. I always felt sick as a child, and I remember wishing I had some kind of power that could make my sickness magically go away. If I could make it so that no matter what you were going through, I could make you better, I would.