Every time I stop to think about what to think about, I come back to “Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav. It’s healing to read. On the plane over here (London) I was trying to watch Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo + Juliet”, but it was too intense! I was getting motion sickness from all the gun waving and word-play. I looked out the window for a while, then picked up “Seat of the Soul” and started reading, and felt calm. This was disturbed later on in the flight when someone in a seat in front of me started watching “Let Me Fall”, and I spent a couple hours trying to avoid seeing depictions of Icelandic drug raves and orgies.

Last time I was on a plane to the UK, someone was watching “Room” in the seat in front. They must have been thinking, “I’m already stuck in an inescapable flying tin can for seven hours, I guess I’ll watch a film about being held hostage in a tiny room for seven years”.
My dad, who is finishing up training as a psychotherapist, was talking to me about how anxiety can be in a person and they don’t realise it. It rang so true with me. Gary Zukav said a similar thing about fear. It poses questions about what else can be harboured inside without your knowledge. It also poses the question: how can you discover these things? I think the answer, as Oprah puts it, is to “get quiet” with yourself.