Normal People & Sky Worms

I like “normal” peoples’ lives. Now there’s a loaded phrase for you. Normal people. What are normal people? I am referring to people who are not… Famous, overly wealthy, successful, fortunate. But I know it’s hard to quantify. It just seems that there are people who are famous, whose lives we hear about a lot, who we see pictures of, videos of, who do things like take a lot of plane rides, have dinners with other famous people, have people tell them how much they love something they did a lot, go to exclusive events. And then there are people who don’t do all those things, at least not very often. People who don’t necessarily know a whole bunch of people, for whom going out for a nice dinner is a big deal, who do maybe one major thing in a day, like put on a load of laundry, and that’s enough. People like me! And maybe that’s the point. Maybe it’s more enjoyable to hear about people like you, who you can relate to. If you can’t relate to someone’s life, it seems kind of alien.
Now, speaking of aliens, earlier we were talking about earthworms. I used the phrase ground worms. Al said, “as opposed to all those sky worms?” “Wow, sky worms!” said I. “That would be cool… They would move really slowly through the sky.” “Yeah!” said Al. “Like a kite!” LIKE A KITE. Now there’s an alien concept for you. Something that flies, slowly, through the sky, inflated like a cylindrical kite. And there we have, the sky worm.