Well, here we are. We’ve been homebound for a week now, and it looks like it will be many more before things open up again. I’m sat in our living room with the fire on. For the whole last week or so, the weather has been sunny and cool. Now, today, rain is drifting down on everything.
Al and I went to the cemetery yesterday, I to run, and her to take photographs with her beloved Polaroid camera. We met up towards the back of the cemetery, beneath the big magnolia tree which I have mentioned before. The sunlight was just right, so she took some photos with me in them. During one photo, I was gazing at one of the magnolia flowers. I brought all my attention to it, thought of nothing else. When the pictures turned out, they still had a part of that energy that was brought not just by me, but by Al, the tree, the air, the ground, the universe. It shines through the picture. We were both very excited to see it.
The sun just came out. It’s reflecting off car windows into the living room. I believe this is what is known here as a “sunbreak".
I haven’t anything more to add, other than that stillness is a friend. It may be strange for others, as it was for me, to be without their usual routine of work, socialising, whatever it may be. It can be uncomfortable at first. But it is a friend. It is always there for you, only now you come face to face with it, sitting in your living room with you, asking nothing of you.