Strange Times

Usually I write these posts with the intention of being present for a small time in my somewhat stressful and busy week. Since being homebound for two weeks now, my schedule has become as clear as the air after a long rain. At first it was disorientating. I had been working more or less full time for almost three years. It was like what I imagine ducks feel when they first learn to land on water. Suddenly the air is not holding them up, and they’re skidding along on the surface trying not to fall over.

It’s funny when you’ve spent so long saying “if only I had more time, I would do so much music”. When said time lands itself upon you unceremoniously, you’d better make some music. Well, thankfully, that’s what I’ve been doing. And it has been pretty wonderful. I have an album taking shape and it’s exciting. I’m extremely grateful that I am in the situation I’m in, and able to do all of this.
Things I’ve noticed from two weeks of quarantining:

  • People really take no notice of the sign in the cemetery which says “no pets”. Dogs are running wild and free, leashless, unabashed.

  • You really notice how people smell when you haven’t smelled another human other than the one you live with for a few days. If you walk past someone drinking a coffee, wearing strong perfume, deodorant, vaping, and you can smell it from the requisite 6ft away, you think about it.

  • Our cat, Tan, is such a stickler for routine, and his timing is almost unbelievable considering he can’t tell the time.

  • Getting take-out takes on a whole new meaning when you’ve spent 14 days cooking and washing dishes.